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Những ngày qua có nhiều biến động ^^

   Trong: .:. Diary .:.

I guess it just a little bit but it's bigger r than I think =.=
So bad in the morning, better in the afternoon, back to that big problem at night , and till now, too confuse to study English, can't remember what I've said to Mr Ken, must be very stupid >..<

My work till good today, hope it will be good for a few months later, with me and with my partner, very nice and lovely guys, ms Hồng Anh , ms Hạnh n mr Giang, thanx God , finally I found u.

I have my pics in DS now but cannot open it on my computer, also cannot post it here, another problem ^^ oh, problem love me huh ?

   Trong: .:. Diary .:.
Director Seminar 2010

A short trip to Diamond Bay is overed , fun and shock .
Cảnh thì đẹp khỏi phải nói, mà mình thì lại rất thích biển nữa chứ ^^ Biển ở DB xanh ngát, bạt ngàn ... và nhiều san hô gần bờ , đi mà ko cẩn thận giá nào cũng bị đâm xịt máu.

Ngày thứ  nhất : Book phòng lúc 7h, thay đồ , đi loanh quanh chụp hình , 9h đi nhận quà, lâu lắc, rườm rà , nhận quà xong là đến giờ hội nghị , nhộn nhịp và rất sôi động ^^ nhìn chú cá ba sa (Hamid Basha) và chú Peter múa may quay cuồn buồn cười chết đc 24.gif , có anh dẫn chương trình là cute nhất, mang nụ cười đến cho mọi...

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   Trong: .:. Diary .:.

I have a little bit problem with my nose !!!
Ack, why must be this moment =.= I'm going to travel Diamond Bay on tommorow , ah, I dont want to be like that 20.gif

Today, in my IELTS class, I lost my partner in minigame, and the result was I must gave him a glass of water by myself, so ashamed  :thinking: But now, finally I can remember his name - Duy ( the one who always disagree with me in any topic) , omg, my memory is so bad !!!

How can I do , what I should do ... wondering about my life !
Ms Dark told me, the kind of me always follow my head in stead of follow my heart IN LOVE but go the contrast way IN WORK !!! No logical person , omg !

If it's true, my life would be have lots of funny things and also lots of troubles =.=
I though I'm a sensitive girl , easy to be broken...

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   Trong: .:. Diary .:.

no time 4 posting it on my blog !

extremely tired , has already finished my dinner, maybe at 10 PM, do houseworks (=.=) go around, online , till this time, near midnight, no energy, can't continue open my eyes, keep trying to write sth on here ... sth

think about the next date, haven't choose the day yet, whick day is a lucky or gud day , talking about love, funny stories ... can help me feel better ?!

adsolutely need sth new, a change , I've stayed at this place 4 a long time, confused ! so bored !

Meet some new guys, do some new thing, make some new adventures , join some new clubs , wear some new clothes , go some new places and have some new foods ^^

Dream some new dreams , new sweet dream with a handsome prince 24.gif

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