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National Borracho League Shirt

National Borracho League Shirt

Any recommendations for breathable short sleeve button downs? I've found that the few pairs I own are like wearing a plastic bag in the heat. National Borracho League Shirt. The shirt is an Eidos Lupo polo, not sure about the pants but they look like Chambray or cotton/linen - J Crew Factory has a very similar pair on sale right now, and I believe the shoes are Meermin tassel loafers. National Borracho League ShirtThey look like the ones from the 1940s Japanese guys that were posted a couple weeks back. What kind of shorts are these? I've always wanted some of these but I never seem to find them in stores. I think Toms might be your only option. I've searched traditional European espadrille makers for months and the biggest size I've been able to find is US 13 (EU 47). Espadrilles run small IME, so that complicates things some more. I'd suggest giving Toms a try, and you can return them pretty easily if they don't work out.



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Anyone have an ID on the shorts in number 10?? I’ve been struggling to find any shorts that aren’t flat front chinos, denim, or drawstring... Love the front pocket detail on those. Or at least the generic names of the type of garment would be greatly appreciated. I am not up to speed with fashion atm. Thank you so much for letting me know though, man, that's some talent to make all those clothes, I wish I had the time to learn. Really impressive

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