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7 Best Golf Wedges 2018 and BUYERS GUIDE
The grooves change to optimize spin. The model comes in Tour Chrome, Steel Grey or Jet Black, and comes in five grinds (L, M, S, F, K) to cover various swing 
golf wedge buying guide come in four types – pitching (PW), gap or approach (AW), sand (SW), and lob (LW). The angle between the shaft and the face of the golf club is known as the loft. Now, when it comes to wedges, in particular, they tend to have the vastest loft angles in the entire set. For the sand wedges, with lofts from 54 to 60 degrees, the V-Sole is wider and dubbed the V-FG, which also comes with high, three dots bounce angle. On our list we have provided the various loft degrees available with each type of wedge. This can often be confusing to a first time golfer and sometimes the information needs refreshing for those that haven’t bought clubs in a long time.

Mizuno T7 Blue Ion attempts to answer that issue by fusing the forged steel head with boron, making it stronger and longer lasting. With a 65-degree loft angle or even the 59-degree option, the high bounce feature is more than necessary. Without it, the head will dig to the ground all the time, and it will be really hard to correctly hit the ball. Like the Airtug, the Caddy sports an engine that barely makes a sound, which can only be heard when driving in quiet areas and with radio turned off. Said engine, although supposed to be located in the rear section of the vehicle (considering the large room for said component), it is actually placed on the front end, as fumes will come from the front if the Caddy is damaged. Meaning, you can be sure that no matter which one you choose, they are made exactly the same.

As their name itself suggests, GPS rangefinders are contraptions that work based on the Global Positioning System, better known as simply- GPS. Since the golf course you find yourself at has already been mapped, the measurement you require will be performed instantly and you won’t really have to do any touchy work like positioning the device accordingly or making sure it doesn’t move about. It’s so easy just to pack everything in the bag and take it with you wherever you are going. It will even fit easily in your carry-on luggage when you travel! Add an adjustable loft hosel, and you have more customizable settings on the M1 than most of its peers, making it one of the best game improvement drivers. Choosing between purchasing clubs individually or as part of a set is down to personal preference and your budget. If you are planning to play regularly so that your clubs are used on the regular, then you may be better purchasing a high-quality set rather than sinking money into some second-hand individual clubs.

Contrary to most beginners logic, finding the right wedges can improve your scores more than that nice new driver. For golfers looking for a forged wedge yet prefers more forgiveness, there’s the Mizuno S5 offering the same forged head with more forgiveness. Mizuno T7 Blue Ion attempts to answer that issue by fusing the forged steel head with boron, making it stronger and longer lasting. It seems that everyone of your posts implies--"If it ain't used on the tour by top players-it ain't shit"! Do you work for a golf manufacuter or you just brainwashed?
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