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The Pavelski Payback 8 Shirt

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau looks like if he was in a Brunello Cucinelli runway show, awesome!!

Also, the first pic is just too British. The Pavelski Payback 8 Shirt. Both fit in the image where Sophie Turner wears blue-red joggers seemed incredibly British to me. Nikolaj looking maximum Danish there in the poly polo. Kristofer, by contrast, looking maximum Norwegian. Needs to make sure he doesn’t go too heavy on the ale and roasted meat or he will be needing the breastplate stretcher down the road I've decided I don't like suit trousers without a proper belt though. In fact, I must be behind on the trends because no one seems to wear belts. The Pavelski Payback 8 Shirt. Jamie Lannister who finally settled down with Brienne and has to go to the PTA meeting next week.




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In honor of the finale, I thought I'd throw together an ins album of GoT actors offset in normal clothes. Seriously. You forget that these are basically half of the most beautiful people on the planet because they’re always dirty with beards on the show. Surprising to not see anything on Arya. Her actor is pretty active in fashion, especially streetwear. I looked around but wasn't finding a lot of non-premiere outfits, which was odd b/c I know she does like a lot of streetwear

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