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Jon Moxley Unscripted Violence Shirt

Jon Moxley Unscripted Violence Shirt

No more!!! Laboratories, circuses, zoos, aquariums!! When they’re done, they're done!! Rescues only!! Niagara Falls, NY has a rescue aquarium, Rising Sun, MD has a rescue zoo. Visit these places with your children and teach them empathy and your admission price funds them. Just please, no more happy, healthy, wild animals trapped and caught for our enjoyment. Unfortunately, what we already have, has to be supported. Please, no more. Jon Moxley Unscripted Violence ShirtThis is why I don't like zoos. No need for comments on saving species via zoos. Go to one and see the same animals in the same cages and enclosures 10 years later or longer. Jails for animals. The circus was awesome...the big ones like RB & BB were fine...the animals worked a few months out of the year & vacationed in FL the rest...I work year round...then fucking PETA had to go fuck that up...I guess they had some extra time from euthanizing dogs. Jon Moxley Unscripted Violence ShirtMy favorite is the gestation pig at the end.... her babies were freed too but that girl had spent her life destined for slaughter, confined and never seeing the light of day. There has got to be a very hellish place for the Assholes who do this to the precious ones we should cherish and Learn From. Please God SAVE this world and Bless all the people who Rescue them. True Angels saving Angels!



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And to think that people eat animals is sickening when we got all these fruits and veggies laying around all over the place. Smh I’m Disgusted with humanity. Thank you for caring and sharing these wonderful stories...they should take the very bad people from jail and test on them, or stop testing period.  I truly do not understand our species How can we be so sadistic as to keep animals caged and treat them with such contempt. Every animal should be free and we need to cease our greed and feed our destructive egos. Thank you Dodo for sharing the freedom

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