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I fucking love my asshole husband shirt

I honestly don’t see how Disney didn’t snag Jack as The Genie. He would have been such a perfect fit and would have done Robin’s character justice IMO. I fucking love my asshole husband shirtWouldn't surprise me if he was offered it and turned it down, how do you follow up from Robin Williams? I mean he kinda already has followed up Robin Williams, at least somewhat, with Jumanji. Maybe you don't follow Robin. I love Jack Black with all my heart, but I doubt Will Smith was their second choice after Jack. He's just a much bigger name, and therefore a bigger box office draw. That is true, but he'll still be getting top billing on almost any movie he's in, and even if the said movie is received poorly by critics, they will still make a profit. Suicide squad was hot garbage, but it was still nice and firmly in the black.
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