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Class act all around. Jack if you see this; I lost, your number and still want to play, some fro with you! Without your comment, I would have completely missed it. I was cringing through the whole read. Thank you for pointing that out. I like novelty accounts but I developed a small eye twitch when reading it haha. I'm pikarick shirtI love how he holds the notes for the perfect amount of time. Doesn’t string it out obnoxiously like a lot of singers. Just enough to leave you wanting more. I gotta be honest. I will be actually disappointed if he starts any real gaming at this point. I just love me some real life Jablonsky. It looks like Jack Black is slowly transitioning to Jack the Grey. One day, the prophesied hero Jack the White will rise and...

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That was great. A well-done rendition of the national anthem still gives me chills. I don't remember what event it was but there was an absolutely stunning performance of the anthem recently by a young woman I've never heard of (but apparently is pretty famous). Really wish I could find it because she was absolutely incredible. A new nurse gets scared when a doctor yells an od nurse yells back shirtJack Black is an amazing guy. I met him once in the grand opening of an upscale restaurant. The place was not prepared for the opening and they messed up my order with his. I was so hungry I was about halfway through his grass, fed burger when I realized it wasn’t, my meatloaf. I talked to the server, which was also his, server and he put two and two together....

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It's like Jack started to sing mockingly at such a young age and then actually became really, really good (similar to Mark Wahlberg's character in the other guys with ballet). He's a musician. You don't have to be a great singer to sound decent. Just knowledge of how music works and using timing and breath control can automatically make you sound halfway decent. I’m the nicest asshole you’ll ever meet shirtThe reason everyone, and I mean EVERYONE tries to oversell the anthem is because of her performance at the super bowl in ‘91. That's hands down the best rendition I've ever heard. That doesn't sound anything like all the other shitty versions of the national anthem people usually try to sing. This is dope. Makes me wanna either: learn an...

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Star power (sure jack black is amazing, and he would have been the ULTIMATE genie, but he’s not as famous as Will Smith, and even though that sucks ass, it’s a reality.) I blame the Jack Black skin products company for this reupload. Always trying to steal from Mister Jables. Dallas Cowboys We Dem boyz shirtUnlike the much more respectable Leonardo Dicaprio creams and lotions company. The video is epic, in every connotation of that word. It’s got GOT, Camelot, and the basic white girl covered! Also why the fuck did OP cut it short. His game of thrones song was like 4 minutes long. Is there something wrong with me? I see a CGI panda in a hooded cape running around with a sword. It's because he has a great voice and only added a few...

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Will Smith is a good actor and all, but he does not have enough energy for the character. On the other hand, if this is ostensibly a children's movie, seeing a shirtless harem pants-wearing Jack Black may cause developmental harm. He was shirtless spandex pants-wearing jack black in nacho libre, turned out pretty ok. Just a good nurse with a hood playlist shirtNever crossed my mind but reading this and thinking about what could have been. Because Disney’s remakes are corporate sell outs to the masses in order to make as much money off of people as they can by A. Hiring conventionally Good looking actors to play their characters( why do you think Jafar is suddenly hot? Even though in all of the early released clips, trailers, and tv spots of the...

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I'm not a Will Smith fan. Jables is the king. But that's just how Hollywood works. Perhaps the producers asked for ‘that Black guy’ and someone misunderstood. Well, this is the most underrated comment of the week. I mean I would have picked literally any random guy off the street before Will Smith but this is probably why I'm just some dude on the internet instead of a well-respected casting director. Don't be a Richard Cranium ShirtA person never really knows how well respected they are. If they think they are well respected, it's likely that they are an egotistical asshat. Maybe he doesn't know he's a well-respected casting director? "You there! Yes you, in the dumpster! How would you like to be in a Hollywood moving picture?"
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I honestly don’t see how Disney didn’t snag Jack as The Genie. He would have been such a perfect fit and would have done Robin’s character justice IMO. I fucking love my asshole husband shirtWouldn't surprise me if he was offered it and turned it down, how do you follow up from Robin Williams? I mean he kinda already has followed up Robin Williams, at least somewhat, with Jumanji. Maybe you don't follow Robin. I love Jack Black with all my heart, but I doubt Will Smith was their second choice after Jack. He's just a much bigger name, and therefore a bigger box office draw. That is true, but he'll still be getting top billing on almost any movie he's in, and even if the said movie is received poorly by critics, they will still make a profit....

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Jon Moxley Unscripted Violence Shirt

No more!!! Laboratories, circuses, zoos, aquariums!! When they’re done, they're done!! Rescues only!! Niagara Falls, NY has a rescue aquarium, Rising Sun, MD has a rescue zoo. Visit these places with your children and teach them empathy and your admission price funds them. Just please, no more happy, healthy, wild animals trapped and caught for our enjoyment. Unfortunately, what we already have, has to be supported. Please, no more. Jon Moxley Unscripted Violence ShirtThis is why I don't like zoos. No need for comments on saving species via zoos. Go to one and see the same animals in the same cages and enclosures 10 years later or longer. Jails for animals. The circus was awesome...the big ones like RB &...

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Landed on the moon shirt

This is so tearful. Seeing these wonderful animals experience the things in life we take for granted every day. God bless the people involved in letting these creatures live in the open & free world. Live long. Landed on the moon shirtI worry about that sow. When they are feeding little ones they get depleted in a lot of minerals so their bones can become brittle and their joints stiff. We never did confinement farrowing, ourselves. Our sows were kept in 6x6 to 8x8 foot pens for their first few weeks with the little ones. Even with room to move around and only being in the pens for as short a time as possible, they still get weak. We always lost a sow or two when we'd let them out together because they'd break hips frolicking...

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Merciless Indian Savages Decleration of Independence Shirt

I’m in tears watching this. I’m so happy for their freedom but so, so sad at what they had to endure before getting there. But I remind myself that for as many horrible people out there that did this to these animals, there are just as many working dailies trying to save them....and to those people, I offer my profound thanks. Merciless Indian Savages Decleration of Independence ShirtThis is all well and good appreciating their freedom although it was humans that allowed their captivity and suffering in the first place. Chimps being experimented on for 30years. Absolutely disgusting. I feel ashamed to be human. It's the way it should be, humans have to realize we do not own the animal...

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