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Grumpy cat Ain't no tired like nurse tired shirt

Grumpy cat Ain't no tired like nurse tired shirt

I've got some doc Marten Charlton(same last and soles, just in a boot) and replacing the lace with black/brown laces from red wing improved them a ton for me IMO. First time posting, taking randomly when I was out yesterday. Pls, excuse the lack of symmetry in my feet and the overexposure, the sun was directly on me haha. Grumpy cat Ain't no tired like nurse tired shirtShangri-la Heritage Terracotta Jacket in Suede / Taylor Stitch Jack in Army Green / PBJ AI-003 in Natural Indigo / Viberg for 3sixteen Service Boot in Vintage Mocha. Taylor Stitch Long Haul Jacket in 110-year denim / Merz B Schwanen Tee in Black Two Tone / Timex Weekender / N&F Duck Canvas Selvedge / Viberg for Withered Fig "Irvington I" in Aged Bark Roughout. Grumpy cat Ain't no tired like nurse tired shirtOof I'd rather not think too much about that 😂, I definitely buy a lot of button downs and boots that I rotate in and out. I think I have a relatively normal amount of jackets/pants, and I will occasionally sell things



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It's great! It's one of my favorite pieces, I love the fit and color. Unfortunately, they've changed the fit drastically since so I'm not a big fan of the new ones. Those Viberg boots are exactly what I am looking for, but the price is out of my comfort zone! Any alternatives you could point me towards? I can only think of Trickers/TrickersOutlet. Viberg is great - hard to find boots with that exact same feel, but I would definitely recommend Truman Boots as a slightly cheaper alternative, and then Mark Albert boots as a much cheaper alternative.

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