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Game of Thrones Houston Texans crown shirt

This is another world experience! Impossible to credit what these super creatures are capable of. And the thought processes that were involved! Humpback whales have cetacean brains that are far more advanced than that of homo sapiens. They are intelligent, agile and have amazing memories. Whales of this nomenclature off the coast of Cape Verde have been seen excelling at chess, sudoku, game theory and analysis of Ben Bernanke's cut in the federal interest rates post the subprime crisis. Game of Thrones Houston Texans crown shirtI just commented here but I have to say this, too. If it wasn't for me seeing examples of human and animal compassion and friendships and charitable behavior in the world, I'd be ready to give up on the direction of some nations altogether. I'm glad decency and humane behavior and soulful contacts with another species are out there and remind me that there is always a better world out there. Thank you to everybody here who loves their fellow creatures and the best in human beings. Game of Thrones Houston Texans crown shirtAnd this is why I love animals more than people. Can you name me 5 strangers that if they were walking down the street and you were about to be attacked, who would save you? Prob none!!! This whale saved this woman because he wanted to and he didn’t even know her!!! This is beautiful!

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