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Thank You For The Memories Tim Conway 1933 2019 sh

Thank You For The Memories Tim Conway 1933 2019 shirt

Yeah, he looks like he woulda played an amazing Beast in that live action Beauty and the Beast. The jawline alone could cut through my heterosexuality. Thank You For The Memories Tim Conway 1933 2019 shirtYeah, he still looks good without the beard but he loses all that scary crazy motherfucker aura that we like. The sweater is some type of traditional Norwegian wool sweater, unsure exactly what kind though. edit: probably some variation on the Islander sweater. Thank You For The Memories Tim Conway 1933 2019 shirtI have one actually, my grandmother knit it for me over Christmas. It's comfortable yes, but its not itchless wool, so a shirt is required. Usually, they are white/off white though, not darker like Hivjus. Look like a good dead of winter sweater! I’ll keep this for next year! Thanks!



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Joe Dempsie has come a long way since Skins, love some of those fits. Nikolaj looks like he's a Reigning Champ + Common Projects fan with some of that scan minimalism he's channeling. Jacob Anderson is channeling chav or slave vibes to me. Don't watch the show or know any of the actors outside of the kit, but that sweater in the tenth pic is. Came into the comments looking an ID on that sweater. Straight fire.

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