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Trump Pride shirt

Trump Pride shirt

Any good inspiration or suggestions for some summer wedding shirt/tie combos to go with a navy suit? Kickass shirt/no-tie also appreciated. Trump Pride shirt. An indoor or outdoor wedding, day or night? Have you been given a dress code? Off the bat, I think some small simple floral shirt in white, lavender, pale blue, sage green, would be the move and skip the tie. Pretty sure it's daytime, outdoor. There's no specific dress code, but it's a friend's wedding and we're all in creative/art/fashion fields so it's not uptight or anything. How does one keep waxed jeans clean? I usually wash jeans whenever they feel dirty / I spill soup on them which is usually every 5-15 years. It seems like the advice is 1. Don’t (new) 2. Dry cleaners (Kinda impractical where I live) 3. That freezer thing (doesn’t work). Trump Pride shirtIs there other options for cleaning or should I leave waxed denim to the very clean (or willingly dirty) of the world?



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Waxed cotton is most commonly used on jackets/outerwear (most famously Barbour waxed jackets) because it's waterproof, but has become somewhat popular as a material for Wash it on as cold as you can get. Ideally, hand washes. I was an idiot and forgot to reduce the heat setting once, now I own just black jeans. You can also get a wax kit (Barbour, Belstaff have awesome ones, Amazon will have lots too) and rewax them if needed

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