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Some useful English material (8 most-famous books)

post Jun 21 2008, 11:41 AM
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Test Your Reading
It is very important to understand that reading occurs different: the language, in which is written the timetable of trains on the railroad station, very strongly is differed from the language, utilized, for example, in the amorous novels. ' Test Your Reading ' - the sequential book from a series ' Test Your ', this time written Michael Dean'om. The book contains 60 tasks for absolutely all forms of reading (newspaper articles, letter, poetry, joke, horoscopes, emails, declaration, diaries, prescriptions, and even comics!) and answers to them. In the book - 6 divisions: Messages. People. Places. Things. Fiction. Fact.

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Download here
McGraw-Hill’s GMAT (2008 Edition)
McGraw-Hill’s GMAT presents information tailored to those test takers who are hoping for a high score—a score in the mid-600s or higher that will open the doors to the top business schools. While this book presents information on the entire range of subjects and difficulty levels encountered in GMAT questions, we have placed special emphasis on addressing the more difficult question types that high-scoring test takers are more likely to see, such as combinatorics, Boolean mathematics, and parallel reasoning questions. We have observed that the majority of GMAT books on the market today are engineered to provide a medium-sized bump to a medium-range score, and they just don’t get around to addressing the more difficult topics. This book seeks to help applicants develop a competitive edge in their quest to enter the most competitive business schools.

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Download here
CPE Practice Tests
This book contains:

* 4 complete Practice Tests for the CPE
* Explanatory Key
* Sample answers for Paper 2 (writing) and sample summaries for Paper 3 (use of English)
* General assessment criteria for Paper 2, Paper 3 summary and Paper 5 (speaking)
* Sample answer sheets
* Tapescripts

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Download here[/URL]
FCE Language Practice (with key)
This book is designed to revise and consolidate grammar points at the level of First Certificate. It also provides practice in key lexical areas.
There are regular consolidation units which include forms of testing commonly used in the First Certificate examination.
It can be used as a self-study reference grammar and practice book, or as supplementary material in classes preparing for examinations. If used for classwork, activities can be done individually or co-operatively in pairs or small groups. The grammatical information provided can be used for reference when needed, or worked through systematically
The grammar section includes recognition and concept-checking activities, as well as production activities.
Each vocabulary section includes focus on phrasal verbs, prepositions and particles, and collocations.

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Download here
American Ways - A Guide for Foreigners in US
In American Ways, Gary Althen succeeds in making American culture understandable to both foreigners and new Americans who are not familiar with their new culture. While cautioning his readers that his views should not be regarded as foregone conclusions about all Americans, Althen nevertheless provides an outline of the general trends of behaviour of white, middle-class Americans, and follows this with excellent explanations as to why these Americans tend to behave as they do. Althen is quick to acknowledge that all Americans are not white and middle-class, but points out that since that category [has] held the large majority of the countrys most influential positions (p. xiii) for some time now, it is they who have forged the main ideals of present-day American society. This book addresses and explains those ideals.

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Download here
50 Harvard Essays
This collection gives 50 great examples of effective and diverse ways to express individuality in that most dreaded of all tasks for high school seniors--writing the college application essay. Each was used by a Harvard student on his or her application and is followed with analysis by the staff of the Harvard Crimson, who help give perspective on what works well, what is a necessary evil, and what detracts from an otherwise compelling essay. With pointers on avoiding common essay pitfalls and stepping back to evaluate strengths applicants never realized they had, Fifty Successful Harvard Application Essays is an inspiration for every student trying to find the one thing that sets him or her apart from the crowd.

Download here
Teach Yourself Speed Reading
Speed reading is about reading (and being able to recall) more written information in less time. Teach Yourself Speed Reading is a practical guide to effective speed reading. It includes tools and information on a variety of reading and memory techniques, including a five-step strategy that will enable you to read any non-fiction material easily.

- allows you to start using and practising the techniques as you read
- offers a selection of techniques - choose the ones that suit you best
- teaches you how to read effectively under pressure
- helps you to concentrate in noisy and distracting environments.

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Download here
The Oxford Essential Guide to Writing
Whether you're composing a letter, writing a school thesis, or starting a novel, The Oxford Essential Guide to Writing offers expert advice on how to think more creatively, how to conjure up ideas from scratch, and how to express those ideas clearly and elegantly. No matter where you find yourself in the writing process — from the daunting blank page to the rough draft that needs shaping to the small but important questions of punctuation — you'll find what you need in this one handy, all-inclusive volume.

* How to use journals to store ideas and explore potential topics
* Examples of style and technique from such masters of form as Marl Twain, H. L. Mencken, E. B. White, and Annie Dillard
* Advice on using outlines to shape your material — and drafts and revisions to refine them
* Selecting the proper words to convey both information and point of view
* A useful appendix on punctuation, ranging from commas to underlining and capitalization

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Download here

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