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Nope not your uterus, not your business shirt

The sass is strong with this one shirt

Brand recommendations for black jeans under $150? Looking for something I can wear every day and occasionally for work too. The sass is strong with this one shirtHow come I look fine in jeans and tracksuit bottoms but in some shorts not so much. Anytime I wear certain shorts my ass looks massive and my hips are too wide. I would consider myself quite fit and slightly muscular so is there some sort of shorts dos and don't because I do a have one pair that looks fine. Pics help here for diagnosing the issue. DO get shorts with an inseam than finishes above your knee. DONT wear cargo shorts. The sass is strong with this one shirtCan anyone chime in on TM Lewin shirts vs Charles Tyrwhitt? I know both are mass market quality, I’m more curious about fits (no TM Lewin stores in NYC) - if I wear an extra slim CT, what is a comparable TM cut? Thanks. I would pick CT in general tbh if they know they fit well.



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Looking for plain black half-zip sweaters. Budget is $50 - $150 AUD. Have tried the Uniqlo ones but they fit very odd, as in way too tight despite the size. What are your thoughts on cotton suits for casual wear? I'm specifically considering ones in either navy blue or tan. When are they appropriate to wear? Where are they appropriate to wear? How could I style them? Is it only an S/S item or could I get away with it in the F/W?

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