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God made teacher assistants so teachers could have

The second picture is from a couple weeks ago. The difference is absolutely amazing. She has been such a blessing to our family. She’s smart, funny, silly, loving, sweet and spoiled rotten. God made teacher assistants so teachers could have heroes too shirt. She even has her own Instagram lol. @dailydosesofdaisymae I am thankful every day that I saw her picture on the rescue Facebook page. I can’t imagine not having her. All of you guys seem so worried about little scratches or scratches on your furniture. Newsflash if you weren't a shitty trainer they wouldn't do either. Get scratch posts and pet stores have a spray that leads them away from scratching on furniture and there are catnip and catnip sprays you can put on their scratch posts. And my cats even when they scratch me it rarely even bleeds more than a drop. God made teacher assistants so teachers could have heroes too shirtMy cat literally ripped the corners off all the walls. My preschooler then helped and ripped more off. I said fuck it, it'll stay just like that until it's time to move. Who cares? It's material shit that can be fixed or replaced. True. I just got my cat some scratch posts and he doesn’t scratch on anything else now besides those things. Plus I always make sure to cut his nails when they get too long. Once cut, they don’t hurt at all if he accidentally scratches me

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