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Do I Run? Yes! Out Of Money Patience And Wine Shir

You need 100% proof of this otherwise making false statements can seriously hurt the owners and handlers that love their dogs. To answer these questions please. Do I Run? Yes! Out Of Money Patience And Wine ShirtI will answer what I know. I researched and read lots before I rescued. I did not go physically to any track and see this with my own eyes. I read article after article about what went on and saw actual photos and I believe 100% of what I learned. I know they do not live at the tracks. I know surely not all are treated badly but I know enough that if even one facility mistreats these creatures it is one too much. I know that they are raised for the first years of their lives in kennels with newspapers as beds and allowed out to walk and go potty a couple times per day. I know that most of these racing tracks are being shut down the most recent in Florida. Do I Run? Yes! Out Of Money Patience And Wine ShirtI know that they are not aware of everyday things we have as part of living because they walk thru glass doors, startle at any ringing sounds, etc and no clue what steps are or how to go up or down... I know because I experienced it for myself.

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