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Dadpool like a dad only cooler shirt

And here we see how Neo and John Wick were embedded into his DNA before the characters even existed. I'm hyped for Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure 3. They got the original cast for the movie. Hopefully, it's better than the second one. This pic was taken about the time he got a new puppy. Only a puppy could explain how happy he looks. Dadpool like a dad only cooler shirtDoes anyone else think he looks like Elon Musk in the picture on the right? He could've nailed a young Sirius Black in a Harry Potter prequel! law what a beautiful man he has always been. I'm pretty sure I started puberty when I was in the movie theater watching Point Break. A major tech company was doing a Neurodiversity program in my hometown - basically a recruitment drive for people on the spectrum. I was one of 16 people who made it through to the trial (and later, one of the 10 that got the job), and a national news program wanted to cover the program and interview some people. They liked my background story and I ended up being the focus of the segment.
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