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Pug Welcome to the bark side shirt

You both climax together, falling into a pillow fort to sleep through the chilly evening, waking up to Keanu handing you a cup of hot cocoa and turning on some mid 90s cartoons. He is adorable. He is a cutie. He deserves all the happiness in the world and all of the internets loves him. He is everything. Pug Welcome to the bark side shirtIt’s hard for me to believe that’s these people aren’t the characters they portray. I just imagine Keanu as a person who fell ass-backward into acting. Like he was surfing one day just being cool if someone asked him to be in bill and ted and he was like “sure, sounds cool. I still see him that way. Most likely he was grinding it for years honing his craft before he landed the role of the bill (orted, too lazy to look it up.) probably a super serious actor. Can anyone confirm this?
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