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Maltese Welcome to the bark side shirt

It's ly sad. I wish for him to have someone genuine, and not these ppl who prob throw themselves at him still. I like how people talking shit about Keanu get downvoted like crazy. U do not talk shit about him. Remember when Reddit was convinced that Keanu Reeves was immortal and never aged? Yeah, I'm glad we stopped doing that. Maltese Welcome to the bark side shirtKeanu ages, but age only adds character to his appearance; it doesn’t drastically alter it. Keanu ages like wine or fine spirits, while most people age like meat or bread. He legit looks like an anime character that comes at the last second to save the main character. Sorry, you made a mistake in the title. The year should be 1687 and you should mention that it was colorized... We all know Keanu is one of the immortals
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