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Zen AF Yoga shirt

I’m literally wearing that shirt as I’m on the toilet reading this right now lol. A man of great taste. For what it's worth I got this on Redbubble and it's been one of the best shirts I own. Colour barely faded over a year and a half, pretty comfy and once got me a compliment from an old lady at a farmer's market. 10/10 would recommend. Zen AF Yoga shirtI got it on Redbubble, but the listing seems to be gone now. If you google os shirts you'll probably find some similar ones though. Can't speak for the latter, but for people on the spectrum were often engaged by repetitive/mundane tasks when neurotypical people wouldn't be, and seeing as Runescape is about how many hundreds of hours you can spend doing the same thing, it's not surprising there's a big overlap between ASD and Runescape.
Buy it: Zen AF Yoga shirt
Buy it: http://checkout.candytshirt.com/Black-Guys-Tee-Zen-AF-Yoga-shirt-1386474467.html
From: LynShirt

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