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Easily distracted by Poodles shirt

He wasn't acting in the John Wick films, he wasn't acting in the Matrix, Bill and Ted really went back in time. These are all things this transcendent being among men can do. People just assume the blood bath for rejuvenation because they see him covered in blood from time to time, it's really just a cultural thing. Easily distracted by Poodles shirtI was about to say that very straight I think 23-years-old Keanu is hot of. Like, seriously hot. You can be straight and still recognize that people of the same sex is good looking. That being said, as a straight man, this dude Keanu looking mad cute. Yeah, man. As I've always said, you can be straight and still lovingly accept Keanu's erect penis into your anus. Softly cushioning it with your sphincter, gliding smoothly over the bulging veins. Screaming
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