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Godzilla Beer shirt

Okay, I gotta be really fucking careful about this because I came here from but I'm pretty sure I recognize your face (and not a name for even a second). Did you go to a certain all-boys secondary school in Ballarat? Pretty sure you were in the year above me but still shooteth that I actually recognized someone. Godzilla Beer shirtHoly shit no way! Crazy to meet people I haven't played sport within years here of all places. I doubt many of them looked much better, and at least this one got a good look at my shirt. If enough people want it, and the mods approve, I'll make a thread, but I don't think I'm too interesting. Does playing games like Runescape improve your quality of life, make you happy or both? I’m really curious. Hopeful for an answer, thank you! I play the game because of both. Great way to relax.
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