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I’m not the stepfather I’m the father that stepped up shirt

Calling her a bitch was a bit much but skipping the movie seems reasonable. That’s embarrassing, and I wouldn’t want to be out with someone who I felt like was judging me. I’m not the stepfather I’m the father that stepped up shirt. Kids calling parents bitches to each other is entirely normal and ok. If they can't ever vent those frustrations they just get bottled up until they actually explode at their parents instead of just bad mouthing in private. Just ‘cuz she wasn’t your daughter doesn’t mean she gets a pass on dressing inappropriately. If, for example, you were taking her to a nice dinner place you wouldn’t be out of line to ask her to change out of her pajamas....

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Luke Voit shirt

Plus, it's fairly aggressive to "dress code" another person's 15-year-old. IMO this is a situation where you might not like something but you recognize it's not something you are in charge of. Luke Voit shirtAssuming that it’s for “shock value”. It could very well be just an angsty teen showing how she relates to the concept of a tortured misunderstood soul but doing it in a very clumsy way... Which is sort of expected when it comes to dumb teens. YTA, you may not agree with the shirt but it's not offensive enough to warrant your reaction, especially considering it's not your daughter. You're going to watch a movie in the dark, not appear on live TV or something. Luke Voit shirtWhat do you mean it's not...

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RIP Fredo shirt

NTA, if she wants to wear some so edgy like that then she shouldn’t get butthurt when people don’t want to be seen with her. It’s disgusting someone is making money off of someone’s suicide by putting their last letter on a shirt. RIP Fredo shirtI'm newly 16, and although I can understand teenage angst, however, this isn't it. It's a bad decision, and guess what kids make plenty of them. I can't police her feelings, I understand why she would feel weird, but calling you a bitch was unnecessary. sounds like she's a trashy influence for your daughter anyways. Her friend may not be yours but you're still a figure for authority and deserve respect like any other human being. Her telling your daughter in that manner goes to show...

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Orange Cassidy shirt

It's like I said to someone else. I can't dictate if my friends wear something offensive or not. I can choose to not be around them if they are wearing that offensive item. The mom just used that same right. Orange Cassidy shirtI bet if this was a black mom, and the child was wearing a MAGA hat, and the mom asked to do this same thing, no one would have a problem with it. The shirt is in poor taste- she may not be your child but she was about to park her behind in your car and you were gonna waste gas on her so I feel like the floor was open for you to give your opinion. I honestly would have asked her to wear a jacket rather than just straight change 🤔 or I would have called her parents before we left and explained...

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Frog and Toad fuck the police shirt

You don't have a right to tell other people's kids what they can or cannot wear. I could maybe understand if the shirt had lots of obvious profanity or was covered in dicks, but that was not the case here. You had to look closely and google to find out what it was. Frog and Toad fuck the police shirtThe shirt sounds tacky as hell but seriously, pick your battles. Sure, you had the right to ask her to change, and you had the right to be uncomfortable with the shirt. But do you want to be right or do you want to be happy? You made things awkward between your daughter and her friend. You probably came across as overbearing and nitpicky. Your daughter isn't going to want you hanging around her or her friends if this is...

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Teacher cactus not a hugger shirt

She's 15 and that shirt was in very poor taste. As someone who used to be 15, I look back and appreciate the times older adults pointed out that my behavior or clothes were offensive or rude. When I was 10 I made a tombstone Halloween costume out of an old box. My Father forbids me to wear it because our neighbor had cancer. As a ten-year-old, I didn't get it. Now I do. You're good! Teacher cactus not a hugger shirtNormally I would say YTA but because it's a shirt that has a suicide note on it NTA. My reasoning for this is because people are glorifying mental illness and turning a person's suicide note into a fashion trend? That's a big no from me. You are actually the one setting a bad example for your daughter, her...

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Future Ladies' Man Current Mama's Boy Shirt

I found offensive and I was chaperoning I'd 100% ask them to change or wear a coat. Rebellious is a fine thing to be, but the rebellion has consequences. Most of these YTA votes are clearly teenagers themselves. Future Ladies' Man Current Mama's Boy ShirtYou were doing the girls a favor and found the shirt in poor taste. You were within your rights to request a change of clothes as a condition of taking them, and she was within her rights in deciding against it. Can I just say that even though I do think YTA here, you are handling the comments with grace, and I respect that? I would not escort a child around to a movie wearing something so ridiculously disrespectful and tasteless. All the idiots on...

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Cows You don't have to be crazy to work here we'll train you shirt

I usually don't care about appearances. I was just worried that someone that has been through that situation would see the shirt and feel that I was flippant about the tragedy. I don't want to say too much but it's kinda job-related. Cows You don't have to be crazy to work here we'll train you shirtThat's understandable, but unless there was a high chance of someone you work with (who wouldn't believe your explanation if you tried to give one) seeing you guys there, your priorities are still kind of in the wrong place/ you could have reacted better. Also please don't think I'm trying to paint you as an awful person. I'm not, all humans over think/handle things wrong/ make mistakes sometimes....

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I get us out of trouble shirt

You overstepped your bounds. She’s not your child, and most people weren’t going to read her shirt, especially not while sitting in a dark movie theater. It’s good to tell her how you feel about the shirt, but not your place to tell her if she can wear it. I get us out of trouble shirtI'm not able o come up with any reasonable thought that justifies your action... if it was something insane like a Nazi shirt, then we could have a discussion. NAH OP your POV makes sense and in your situation, if I had recognized the shirt I would have done the same thing. It's kind of brutal the way things turned out though, but what can you do. It doesn't make you a bitch, it just means you care about your appearance. I...

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I get us into trouble shirt

Not your kid, so not your business what she wears. 2. Even if she was your responsibility- they were going to a movie. No one is going to be craning their neck in the dark to read her shirt. That you needed to embarrass and attempt to control someone else’s kid to such a ridiculous extent makes me think you might need to do some serious self-evaluation. I get us into trouble shirtAnd if you had to lean in to see, on closer inspection, what the t-shirt said, then others - from a distance - would not have been able to read it either. Not your child, not your problem. If you caught the girls actively discussing suicide as a solution, yes - by all means, there you could get involved. But a t-shirt? You acted like a child to...

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