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In order for an organization to achieve its objectives, the human resources should be given the first priority on the agenda. Among the major problems facing organizations are the following: miscommunication between employees and employers, low employee morale and unplanned redundancy of the employees. These are the problems related to the human resource department. They come as a result of poor decision making and management planning. Organizations should be able to solve these problems to achieve their desired goals. This can be attained through meeting and implementing the human resource plans. Because the success of a given organization highly depends on employee’s performance, organizations should put more effort in the human resources. Human resource planning can be described as a systematic planning order that is aimed at attaining the best available human resources for an organization to achieve its desired success.

Problems Facing CDX Bank

CDX has not been able to maintain the pace of the fast moving and the intense competition that has come with the advancement of technology. CDX as an organization has had many financial mistakes and there was need for drastic changes in its way of operation. These financial mistakes led to lack of shareholder’s confidence and reduced profits. There was also pressure on the cost base since CDX had lost most of its employees; they had been made redundant. As far as the remaining employees are concerned, they experienced major redefinition and reconstruction of their roles in the bank. Employees in higher positions had to be demoted and their salaries were reduced.

One of the major problems that CDX faced when incorporating the human resource planning was poor communication between the members of the organization. For instance, managers frequently clashed with their superiors on management matters. After the reconstruction of the organization chart, the employees’ motivation to work reduced, which led to lower performance.

Causes of the Problems

Most of the problems within an organization come as a result of poor communication between the members of the organization. When a top manager does not convey the right information to the employees, it leaves the employees in uncertainty about their terms of employment. Any information for employees should be delivered at the right time and in the right manner. On the other hand, subordinates are supposed to pass the necessary information to the management. This will help the managers understand the needs of their subordinates in time and thus solve them appropriately. Other major causes of the collapse of a business are poor management decisions, such as, for instance, sudden change of an organizational structure. These sudden changes usually disrupt the operations of a given organization.

Solutions to Solving these Problems

For an organization to achieve organizational success, it must realize the importance of the human resource planning. Effective human resource planning should allow employees receive a fair treatment from their superiors. On top of that, organizations should have the right number of employees with the right qualifications. This way an organization will be able to meet the demands of the market. Organizations should also seek professional advice to improve on its day to day activities.

How to Implement the Solutions

Top managers of CDX decided to retain key employers and introduce drastic changes for the survival of the company. Through these changes, CDX wanted to ensure a steady flow of information from the top managers to the subordinates. CDX also made sure these employees were treated with utmost respect.

Human resource planning is essential for an organization, since it helps identify the needs of employees and provide timely solutions for these needs. When the employees’ needs are met, their motivation is stronger and their productivity increases. Therefore, for an organization to achieve its desired objectives it is important to incorporate human resource planning.

About the author:
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