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Cow Moorica fuck yeah shirt

It details how the trauma affected every aspect of the lives and how they struggled to overcome it. It's a very good book, the author's father was in a Nazi camp and he grew up seeing the effects and later became a therapist specializing in trauma research. Cow Moorica fuck yeah shirtI agree the shirt is in poor taste but this is innocuous compared to the media they consume or the whole meme culture around joking about suicide that teens have going on. I just noticed at first glance. Look at the shitty show 13 Reasons Why which glorifies suicide as some sort of revenge. Listen to the lyrics of half the top 40 songs out there all about anxiety and depression and prescription drug abuse. This shirt innocuous compared to...

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Drinkin Life Lincoln vintage shirt

This is some textbook helicopter parent shit if I’ve ever seen it. Op is not upset because the shirt is dishonoring Kurt Cobain’s memory. Anyone can shit on the content of that shirt (or any art) but Nirvana and Kurt Cobain have transcended music and have become a cultural icon, I doubt this girl meant to glorify Kurt’s suicide or suicide in general by wearing it. Drinkin Life Lincoln vintage shirtThis girl is in the middle of the quintessential “angsty” phase. She may have just liked the shirt and design and knows nirvana/Kurt are very in right now. She might even be a fan. If I was 15 and went to see a movie with a friend, and her mom told me I had to change my shirt, I’d probably think the same...

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I'm A Gurkey Turkey shirt

I get being upset over the shirt but she's not your child. If anything you could've brought it up afterward, or talking to her parents about it. Telling her what she can or cannot wear seems wrong in this case. I'm A Gurkey Turkey shirtI think we both can agree that the Holocaust and suicide have very different impacts on particular religious and ethnic minorities and this is a false equivalency in an attempt to pull a "gotcha, bitch". They didn't tell her what she could or could not wear, though...just told her a consequence of what she was wearing ("I'm not going to escort you to the movies in that" or a similar statement), based on OP's own moral judgment and taste, even offering her other options such as wearing one of...

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Vaccines Cause Adults Shirt

It may not be recognizable to the teenagers who often comment on this subreddit, but it is recognizable to your peers and the late 30s+ crowd. You were clearly uncomfortable with being associated with that shirt, and I don’t blame you. An unfortunate part of life is people often view you through the lens of the people you are associated with— and your peers would judge you for that. Vaccines Cause Adults ShirtSometimes the clothing the people wear does send a certain message, both about themselves and the people that are with them. You certainly have the right to choose what kind of message you want to send. In this case, though, it was your daughter’s friend, so things are a bit more delicate. You could have gone nuclear,...

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I don’t like corn dog but I do like Korn Dawg shirt

This comment sums it up perfectly. NAH—OP probably didn’t do her daughter any social favors, but it’s completely reasonable to be distraught by that shirt and OP handled it as gracefully as she could have. I don’t like corn dog but I do like Korn Dawg shirtNTA - Even if I wasn't a fan of the man's work, wearing anyone's suicide note to express your rebellious teenage bullshit is offensive, truly the choice of an asshole or someone who hasn't thought enough about it to realize that they're an asshole. Yes, it was her choice to wear it but you sure don't have to take her out wearing it. Maybe; it depends on tone. Doesn't excuse her calling you a bitch to your daughter and skipping the...

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I’m not the stepfather I’m the father that stepped up shirt

Calling her a bitch was a bit much but skipping the movie seems reasonable. That’s embarrassing, and I wouldn’t want to be out with someone who I felt like was judging me. I’m not the stepfather I’m the father that stepped up shirt. Kids calling parents bitches to each other is entirely normal and ok. If they can't ever vent those frustrations they just get bottled up until they actually explode at their parents instead of just bad mouthing in private. Just ‘cuz she wasn’t your daughter doesn’t mean she gets a pass on dressing inappropriately. If, for example, you were taking her to a nice dinner place you wouldn’t be out of line to ask her to change out of her pajamas....

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Luke Voit shirt

Plus, it's fairly aggressive to "dress code" another person's 15-year-old. IMO this is a situation where you might not like something but you recognize it's not something you are in charge of. Luke Voit shirtAssuming that it’s for “shock value”. It could very well be just an angsty teen showing how she relates to the concept of a tortured misunderstood soul but doing it in a very clumsy way... Which is sort of expected when it comes to dumb teens. YTA, you may not agree with the shirt but it's not offensive enough to warrant your reaction, especially considering it's not your daughter. You're going to watch a movie in the dark, not appear on live TV or something. Luke Voit shirtWhat do you mean it's not...

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RIP Fredo shirt

NTA, if she wants to wear some so edgy like that then she shouldn’t get butthurt when people don’t want to be seen with her. It’s disgusting someone is making money off of someone’s suicide by putting their last letter on a shirt. RIP Fredo shirtI'm newly 16, and although I can understand teenage angst, however, this isn't it. It's a bad decision, and guess what kids make plenty of them. I can't police her feelings, I understand why she would feel weird, but calling you a bitch was unnecessary. sounds like she's a trashy influence for your daughter anyways. Her friend may not be yours but you're still a figure for authority and deserve respect like any other human being. Her telling your daughter in that manner goes to show...

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Orange Cassidy shirt

It's like I said to someone else. I can't dictate if my friends wear something offensive or not. I can choose to not be around them if they are wearing that offensive item. The mom just used that same right. Orange Cassidy shirtI bet if this was a black mom, and the child was wearing a MAGA hat, and the mom asked to do this same thing, no one would have a problem with it. The shirt is in poor taste- she may not be your child but she was about to park her behind in your car and you were gonna waste gas on her so I feel like the floor was open for you to give your opinion. I honestly would have asked her to wear a jacket rather than just straight change 🤔 or I would have called her parents before we left and explained...

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Frog and Toad fuck the police shirt

You don't have a right to tell other people's kids what they can or cannot wear. I could maybe understand if the shirt had lots of obvious profanity or was covered in dicks, but that was not the case here. You had to look closely and google to find out what it was. Frog and Toad fuck the police shirtThe shirt sounds tacky as hell but seriously, pick your battles. Sure, you had the right to ask her to change, and you had the right to be uncomfortable with the shirt. But do you want to be right or do you want to be happy? You made things awkward between your daughter and her friend. You probably came across as overbearing and nitpicky. Your daughter isn't going to want you hanging around her or her friends if this is...

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