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It's really important people understand autism isn't a disability, it's just a different ability. There is an unfortunate stigma around the condition, but I think the more people understand it the less that will be the case, so I try to be as open about it as possible, hence agreeing to a national news program that told a country of people I don't know that I'm on the spectrum. Got Dracarys Tattoo ShirtAnd it's not the regular dystopic wholesomeness of Reddit "man that couldn't afford insulin saves wife by donating his kidney to his wife and immediately dies". This is true for people on the functioning part of the spectrum, though for some it is legitimately a disability. One of my mom’s colleagues has a son that is severely autistic and won’t ever be able to...

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I’m literally wearing that shirt as I’m on the toilet reading this right now lol. A man of great taste. For what it's worth I got this on Redbubble and it's been one of the best shirts I own. Colour barely faded over a year and a half, pretty comfy and once got me a compliment from an old lady at a farmer's market. 10/10 would recommend. Zen AF Yoga shirtI got it on Redbubble, but the listing seems to be gone now. If you google os shirts you'll probably find some similar ones though. Can't speak for the latter, but for people on the spectrum were often engaged by repetitive/mundane tasks when neurotypical people wouldn't be, and seeing as Runescape is about how many hundreds of hours you can spend doing the same thing, it's not surprising there's a big...

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I haven't had much time for it recently unfortunately, but it is cathartic when I get to play, and always brings back memories, particularly because I'm a nostalgic person. I love the community too, and even in periods where I haven't been playing the game, I follow this sub daily. It definitely does make me happy, although it's bittersweet because I'm reminded I can't escape into it as much as I used to. Once upon a time I was sweet and innocent then I started working at Target shirtGood for you man, I saw the story last nite and I wish you and your beautiful family all the best. You're a good man. Are you on the new episode of employable me? that show is great and you are great. "We AHK" do you use AutoHotkey to macros for Runescape too? Welcome to the...

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Okay, I gotta be really fucking careful about this because I came here from but I'm pretty sure I recognize your face (and not a name for even a second). Did you go to a certain all-boys secondary school in Ballarat? Pretty sure you were in the year above me but still shooteth that I actually recognized someone. Godzilla Beer shirtHoly shit no way! Crazy to meet people I haven't played sport within years here of all places. I doubt many of them looked much better, and at least this one got a good look at my shirt. If enough people want it, and the mods approve, I'll make a thread, but I don't think I'm too interesting. Does playing games like Runescape improve your quality of life, make you happy or both? I’m really curious. Hopeful for...

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And here we see how Neo and John Wick were embedded into his DNA before the characters even existed. I'm hyped for Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure 3. They got the original cast for the movie. Hopefully, it's better than the second one. This pic was taken about the time he got a new puppy. Only a puppy could explain how happy he looks. Dadpool like a dad only cooler shirtDoes anyone else think he looks like Elon Musk in the picture on the right? He could've nailed a young Sirius Black in a Harry Potter prequel! law what a beautiful man he has always been. I'm pretty sure I started puberty when I was in the movie theater watching Point Break. A major tech company was doing a Neurodiversity program in my hometown - basically a recruitment...

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It's ly sad. I wish for him to have someone genuine, and not these ppl who prob throw themselves at him still. I like how people talking shit about Keanu get downvoted like crazy. U do not talk shit about him. Remember when Reddit was convinced that Keanu Reeves was immortal and never aged? Yeah, I'm glad we stopped doing that. Maltese Welcome to the bark side shirtKeanu ages, but age only adds character to his appearance; it doesn’t drastically alter it. Keanu ages like wine or fine spirits, while most people age like meat or bread. He legit looks like an anime character that comes at the last second to save the main character. Sorry, you made a mistake in the title. The year should be 1687 and you should mention that it was colorized... We...

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You both climax together, falling into a pillow fort to sleep through the chilly evening, waking up to Keanu handing you a cup of hot cocoa and turning on some mid 90s cartoons. He is adorable. He is a cutie. He deserves all the happiness in the world and all of the internets loves him. He is everything. Pug Welcome to the bark side shirtIt’s hard for me to believe that’s these people aren’t the characters they portray. I just imagine Keanu as a person who fell ass-backward into acting. Like he was surfing one day just being cool if someone asked him to be in bill and ted and he was like “sure, sounds cool. I still see him that way. Most likely he was grinding it for years honing his craft before he landed the role of the bill (orted, too lazy to look...

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He wasn't acting in the John Wick films, he wasn't acting in the Matrix, Bill and Ted really went back in time. These are all things this transcendent being among men can do. People just assume the blood bath for rejuvenation because they see him covered in blood from time to time, it's really just a cultural thing. Easily distracted by Poodles shirtI was about to say that very straight I think 23-years-old Keanu is hot of. Like, seriously hot. You can be straight and still recognize that people of the same sex is good looking. That being said, as a straight man, this dude Keanu looking mad cute. Yeah, man. As I've always said, you can be straight and still lovingly accept Keanu's erect penis into your anus. Softly cushioning it with your sphincter, gliding...

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Yeah, poor Keanu. There's just something in the smile in this picture that we could never see now. I drive past the telephone pole his ex crashed into a few times a week; either her mother, Keanu or one of her friends still puts fresh flowers there every month. I’m a turbo dad just like a normal dad but much faster shirtLeviticus 18:22: "Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is an abomination, unless it's with Keanu Reeves, in which case the Lord doth smile upon you and bless thy union as totally not gay." There's a picture of Harrison Ford floating around from the 70's I think that makes me question myself. This is only half true. He reproduces asexually via mitosis and the two fight to the death to decide who the true Keanu...

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His daughter was stillborn. The daughter’s mother, his ex-girlfriend, died in a car accident only a year later. Wasn’t he best friends with River Phoenix as well, or am I thinking of someone else? Yes, he was! I believe Reeves was at the Viper Room with River and Johnny Depp the day River does. Could be wrong about that, but they were really close. His sister had leukemia and he donated most of his Matrix reminds to cancer hospitals. OK, apparently the Matrix bit is an exaggeration but he does have a cancer foundation to sitch he donates a fair amount and gives a lot of autonomy. Louisiana girl If my mouth doesn’t tell it my face definitely will shirtYeah, the first time I watched it was all I could think off. At least, he got his revenge...

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