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Các bài viết vào Monday 10th May 2010

To Employer.
I am Le Toan Thang. I have just graduated from Hanoi University of Technology with a good degree in Automation Engineering. I want to obtain a full-time possition in Electrical Engineering. Where I can apply my knowledge and approach new technologies. So I design this webpage to supply some information about me .
Here are my CV, Extract of Academic transcript and some relative documents.
I would like very much to meet with you to discuss about vacant possition (Electrical Engineer) at your company.


Le Toan Thang, Electrical Engineer
16/46 Hoa binh 7, Minh khai Str, Hai Ba Trung Dist, Ha noi City
July 4, 2007

Mr…, Recruiting Coordinator

Dear Mr …

I write this letter to apply for Electrical Engineer position follow recruitment information of your company at website www.vietnamworks.com. /> I have just graduated from Hanoi University of Technology with an good degree in Electrical Engineering. In my university, I and some friends set up a group to practice and design some small project. I also work as a reseacher student at Hitech Center. So I gather many knowledge and experience. I can adapt quickly in new working environment at your company.
I have enclosed a copy of my CV, which details my qualifications and suggests how can I suit this position.
I would like to meet with you very much that I’m able to discuss your open positions for Electrical engineers.Let you arrange for me to interview, please contact me follow:
Cell Phone : (+84).098.3148413
Email : thangletoan@gmail.com

Thank you for your time and consideration !

Sincerely yours,

Le Toan Thang


Personal Profile

Full name : Le Toan Thang
Date of Birth : January-03-1984
Gender : Male
Marital Status : Single
Nationality : Vietnam
Cell phone : 098.3148413
Email : thangletoan@gmail.com
Address : 16/46 Hoa binh 7 Alley, Minh khai Street, Hai Ba Trung District, Ha noi City


To obtain a full-time possition in Electrical Engineering. Where I can apply my knowledge and approach new technologies. Available immediately. Want to work at Hanoi or other big city (willing to work far from home If necessary).

Hanoi University of Technology. June 2007
Bachelor of Sicence, Industrial Automation (Electrical Engineering)
GPA: 7.97


  • Design Electrical and Electronic circuits in control systems.
  • Design HMI interface in control system using computer.
  • Proficiency with special software (Matlab, Protel, AutoCad…), programming languages(Visual Basic, C, C++, ASM).
  • Familiar with Microsoft Office and finding Information from Internet.
  • Talented in quickly mastering new technologies.
  • Friendly with everybody,Working in Teamwork or independent.


  • December,2006-February,2007 : Granduate Practice at Naduong coal fired thermal power plant – Reseach about control system of plant.
  • August,2006-October,2006 : Reseacher Student at Hitech Centre (Hanoi University of Technology) - Reseach about DCS DeltaV (Emerson).
  • July,2005-September,2006 : Working in a group (8 people) – Practice and Design some small projects about Microcontroller and CNC Machine.

Interests and Activities

  • Join to Paltalk everynight to develop my communication skills and improve English skills through talking a variety of peple. Who live in many countries.
  • Visit Exhibitions to know about new Technologies and new products.
  • Listenning to music, reading some books about my major or entertaining with my friends in free time.

Extract of Academic transcript

Thank you for your time and consideration !

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