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09:09 AM - Tue, 18/10/05

Tiếng Anh vận dụng - thực tiễn Đây là một số mẫu CV điển hình của một số người ở ngành CNTT - các bạn có thể thêm bớt các thông tin theo mẫu này:

Your name CAMPUS: 456 College Hall Normal, IL 67890 111-222-3333 [email protected] PERMANENT: 123 Main Street Anytown, CA 12345 777-888-9999 [email protected] OBJECTIVE: Software Engineering position in the Silicon Valley. SUMMARY: - Software engineering internship with Amdahl Corporation. - Magna Cum Laude graduate with BS in Computer Science. - Proficient with Java, C, C++, Unix, Linux and HTML/Internet. EDUCATION: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, May 2002 Illinois State University, Normal, Illinois Graduated Magna Cum Laude with a GPA of 3.6 on a 4.0 scale Courses taken included: - Software Engineering Design Artificial Intelligence - Operating Systems Design Object-Oriented Development - Java Development Relational Database Theory - C/C++ Programming Network Programming EXPERIENCE: Software Engineering Internship, May 2001 to August 2001, Amdahl Corporation, Sunnyvale, California - Team member of the Open Enterprise Solutions Group. - Tested enhancements to A+ software for distributed systems management. - Served as departmental Unix Systems Administrator. - Developed prototype of new product enhancement for A+ which serves as an extension of the off-site system management modeling tool. Programs were written in Java and C++. Computer Lab Assistant, August 2001 to Present, Illinois State University, Normal, Illinois - Assisted students with programming and software questions - Supported Microsoft Office, Netscape/Internet, and a variety of internally developed tools. ACTIVITIES: - President, Association for Computing Machines, Student Chapter, 2001-2002 - Member, Association for Computing Machines, Student Chapter, 1999-2002 ################################ RESUME Richard R. Black P.O. Box 692442 Houston, TX 77269-2442 [email protected] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Objective: An Information Technology position, specifically a networking position in LAN/WAN, in which I can apply my technical knowledge and experience in Unix, Linux, and Windows. Areas of Knowledge: Automation of processes. Manual processes can be automated such that you get consistency, reliability, speed, etc. Often this can involve any of the following: Linux / scripts / programs / expect / GPIO modules / schedulars Compaq/HP ProLiant and ProSignia servers, Deskpro desktops, Presario laptops HP printers, scanners, PC's, and TC servers White boxes (IBM PC clones) and peripherals switches, routers, firewalls/gateways involving hardware or software solutions such as Windows / Unix / Linux DOS 5.x/6.2/Win 3.1/WFW 3.11/Win95/98/XP/NT Server 3.51/4.0/2000 / Linux (Red Hat Linux, SUSE, Slackware, Debian, Mandrake, Corel, and more) / UnixWare 2.x/7.x / SCO OpenServer 5.0.x / Sun Solaris Automated installs of Linux (Red Hat Linux / SUSE Linux / United Linux) Bash shell scripting, expect scripts, awk, sed, grep, vi, C++, php, perl, SQL (postgresql / mysql / msql), XML, HTML Any and all user application software: Word/Excel/Power Point/Access (97 thru current), MS Works (all versions), OpenOffice (oowriter/oocalc/ooimpress), StarOffice, Abiword, Gnumeric, Lotus 123, DB4, Netscape, Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Mosaic, Carbon Copy, VNC, PC Anywhere, Lotus Notes, Outlook, Outlook Express SSH, Telnet, ftp, NFS, http, tftp, dhcp, pxe, sql, sendmail, procmail, squirelmail, X11, GDM, xdmcp, remote X-Window apps and desktop, Gnome Desktop, KDE Desktop Web page / web site development, CGI, php, xml, weblint, tidy, w3c Experience: Compaq Computer Corporation/Hewlett-Packard October 13, 2003 - Present 3rd Level, Linux Software Engineering Problem Resolution (EPR) Working with the overall Linux plan for HP. Coordinating between internal and external customers and Linux development. Attend meetings. Provide solutions to 2nd level support, customers, and internal customers. Build replacement (corrected) drivers and software as needed. Assisting the Linux development teams in problem resolution. Assisting customers with ProLiant Health driver, other drivers (NIC, storage, etc.), agents (snmp data), and Linux installations and automating of Linux installations (Red Hat, SUSE, United Linux) as needed. Compaq Computer Corporation/Hewlett-Packard August 2000 - October 10, 2003 Linux Software QA Engineer Providing quality assurance (QA) for the Linux development teams. Testing ProLiant Health driver, other drivers (NIC, storage, etc.), agents (snmp data), and Linux installations and automating of Linux installations (Red Hat, SUSE, United Linux). Developing test scripts for repetitive QA tasks for consistent and reliable QA results. Compaq Computer Corporation March 9, 1998 - August 2000 Unix Technical Support Engineer (TSE) / 2nd Level Consultant Initial 6 months supporting NT 3.51 and NT 4 Remaining 2 years (Aug 1998 - Aug 2000) supporting Unix Take inbound calls to Server Warranty Technical Support for Compaq servers Provide 2nd level consulting to other TSE's I have covered the full range of Compaq Servers: ProLiant, ProSignia, and Neoserver and Options (Storage/Network/Tapes, etc.) and all Compaq supported versions of Unix: SCO UnixWare 2.x/7.x, SCO OpenServer 5.0.x/3.2v4.2, Sun Solaris, and Linux: Red Hat Linux, SUSE, Debian, Slackware, Corel, Mandrake, and many others. Since August of 1998 I have been helping drive the Linux movement at Compaq. Through documentation I created for installing Linux on Compaq Servers, I helped secure a contract from Rotor Communications for a quantity of 2000 ProLiant 1850R servers. I have created special documentation regarding Linux and the Compaq F10 Partition and also System Recovery methods. The install documentation I created and posted on my website has been used by Compaq as a reference when they created their "Linux Installation on Compaq ProLiant Servers HOWTO". I have continued to write and provide documentation to customers to assist in their installations and other tasks. This effort has helped to sell Compaq servers and to make the jobs of the other TSE's easier. Built an internal web site dedicated to giving internal employees the ability to interact with Linux at varying degrees from their Win95 desktop. This included running telnet sessions, using Linux as an Application Server (running Linux Applications on your Win95 / NT server), Installing Linux over the Network from images located on the server. Also contains many support pages regarding installation and usage of Linux on Compaq Servers. Compaq Computer Corporation August 1997, March 1998 Options Diagnostics Validator - Contract Tested diagnostics on currently shipping Compaq Servers, Storage Options (array controllers, storage cabinets), and firmware to make sure they properly diagnosed server options. Attended weekly meetings to discuss current status of projects, new products, etc. Houston Community College - Central Campus Math Tutor and Computer Technician for the Math Department February 1994 - March 1998 Tutored college level mathematics (Cal I, Discrete Math, Trig, College Alg., Dev. Math) Administered the Math Lab Computer Room. Initially set up and maintained 25 networked PC's (DOS/Win3.1/Win95), 2 HP LaserJet printers, 3 servers running NT 3.51/NT4.0 (1 PDC, 1 BDC, and 1 Member Server used for RAS). Performed network installs of Win3.1/Win95. Started and maintained server file sharing, network logins for the desktops, networked menu system for students, backups. Provided support to Math Department Staff. Ethernet was running at 10Mbps connected to several 3Com hubs. Also assembled and repaired generic Intel based PC's (486/586), later we moved to Compaq desktops as our preferred vendor where we troubleshot them as needed. Office Max Computer Sales June 1993 - February 1994 Assisted customers in computer purchase decisions, stocked computer floor space, maintained inventory of computer stockroom. Education: University of Houston - Downtown, Houston, TX Computer Science 1996 - 1998 Linux Admin Certification from Brainbench.com 1999 Personal: English and Spanish bilingual
Submitted by Huy Dương
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