Magento 2 Gift Card Extension by MAGETOP helps store owner can create gift card products and list them on the online store. A customer can purchase the gift card and send it to someone via email. The customer can also attach any personal message in the gift card. The person who receives the gift card can spend either a full amount or a partial amount from the gift card. The gift card code can be applied at the shopping cart.

☑️ Gift card product type added.

☑️ The admin can create multiple numbers of gift cards.

☑️ The admin can set the number of days to redeem a gift card.

☑️ The admin can enable or disable a gift card.

☑️ Gift card users can use the full or a partial amount of the gift card for making purchases.

☑️ Gift card users can use one gift card on multiple purchases.

☑️ Gift card user will get email notifications after each gift card usage.

☑️ 100% Open-source, Support multi-store, Support multi-language.

☑️ Easy to install and customize.

☑️ And many more feature ...

What Is The Use Of This Module and Why Should I Use It?

This module allows the customers to send a gift card to a friend, employee, or any other person electronically via email. The recipient can then make use of the gift card code to get a discount. The recipient can make use of the gift card amount to make multiple purchases as the customer can use the gift card amount as per his requirement.

This extension uses up the gift card product type for creating gift cards. As there is no option to create gift cards in the default system, this extension comes handy to generate multiple numbers of gift cards as per your requirement. And there is an option for using up the entire gift card amount or use it within multiple purchases.

Gift Card Settings

Once the module is installed, the admin has to configure the gift card settings. Here are the option available :

  • Select email notification template for the gift card user
  • Select email notification template for balance amount to gift card user
  • Set number of days for redeeming a gift card

Creating Gift Card

As a gift card product type is included under the Add Product types, it ensures a smooth creation of the gift cards via the admin panel. The admin can create a multiple numbers of gift card products and list them on the store. To create a gift card, the admin will select the "Gift Card" product type and then will fill in all the required information for the gift card.

  • Select the Gift Card as Product Type to create a gift card
  • The admin will enter the required information and the price for the gift card and then save the card
  • The admin can see all the details of the gift cards like - From, To, Gift Code, Price, left amount, and the Time of order

Workflow At Frontend

After the admin has created gift cards from the backend, they will be displayed at the frontend like normal products. On the gift card product page, the customer will have to enter the email address of the person to whom he/she wants to send the gift card.

  • Customers will enter the email address on the product page to whom they want to send the gift card
  • The customer can also send the message to the Gift Card receiver
  • Customers will add the product to cart and purchase the gift card
  • The receiver will get the gift card on the email address entered by the customer at the time of purchase

Gift Card Email

The gift card user who is going to redeem the gift card should use the same email address for registering at the store, otherwise, the gift card user won't be able to redeem the gift card.

  • Gift card users can use complete or a certain amount of the gift card to make purchases
  • Gift card users can use one gift card on multiple purchases
  • Gift card user will get email notifications after each gift card usage(with used and remaining amount)

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