Best Magento 2 Social Login Extension Free by Magetop is designed for quick login to your Magento 2 store without processing complex register steps. Allows high security and quick ajax login, shortening customers' decision making steps. Let say goodbye to the complicated registration process and ignore a lot of unnecessarily required fields. 

☑️ Quickly login, Popover login form.

☑️ Easy custom design fit with your store design.

☑️ Compatible out-of-the-box with the 3rd-party modules.

☑️ Increase signup rate up-to 30%.

☑️ Support Facebook Login, FourSquare Login, GitHub Login, Google Login, Instagram Login, LinkedIn Login, Microsoft Live Login, Twitter Login, Vkontakte Login, Yahoo Login.

☑️ 100% Open-source, Support multi-store, Support multi-language.

☑️ And many more feature ...

What Is The Use Of This Module and Why Should I Use It?

Customers aren't patient enough to create new account on your site as it requires them a lot of information. To save their time & keep them on your site, let them use their social accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, etc. to log in in a blink. And Magento 2 Social Login Extension is what you need to do that. Customers click on preferred account button, enter username & password and yay, their accounts are created.

How does it work?

Instead of signing up a new account by Magento default, Magento 2 Social Login supports entirely the social buttons that are right on the login page. As soon as hitting the buttons, Social Login module will auto-take personal information from customer’s social account like email address and password if he has already logged in that social network. If not yet, the module only requires his email address and password to finish the step.

Support the following social networks:

  • Facebook Login
  • FourSquare Login
  • GitHub Login
  • Google Login
  • Instagram Login
  • LinkedIn Login
  • Microsoft Live Login
  • Twitter Login
  • Vkontakte Login
  • Yahoo Login

Update customer information easily

Magento 2 Social Login is flexible enough to edit the customer including email address and password that is auto-fulfilled. Besides, the client can add Address Book to make the profile clear. Due to that, the checkout process will be more convenient if he buys any product at your shop.

Supports the standard registration

Magento 2 Social Login Module is the optimized solution for those who have Social account want to sign up your store. In the fact that there is any exception person who doesn't use the social networks or doesn't like them, Social Login also set up the traditional registration way, but the advanced pop-up form is shown. Therefore, with Magento 2 Social Login Extension, you are always friendly with all kinds of audiences.

Easy to custom

It is easy to enable or disable any Social Channel even the module. When you activate the Social Login module, you can modify the color of the popup login box on the store view how to be as harmony with your site’s design as possible.

  • Send Password To Customer
  • Show Social Login Buttons on
  • Use Popup Login
  • Popup Links Selector
  • Require Real Email
  • Popup Effect
  • Style Management
  • Custom Color
  • Custom CSS

▶️ Check it out : Magento 2 Social Login


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