Magento 2 Shop By Brand Extension Free by Magetop brings a wholly new level of looking up products for visitors - Shop by brand! Your visitors will be given a chance to look for the brand they like easily as well as experience unique attractive brand page.

☑️ Link in top Navigation.

☑️ Automatic assiciate with default manufacturer attribute.

☑️ Can Re-Sync for New Manufacturer Brand.

☑️ Any Brand Can be Assign as Featured.

☑️ Left Side bar Block for Shop By Brands.

☑️ URL rewrite standard for SEO.

☑️ 100% Open-source, Support multi-store, Support multi-language.

☑️ Easy to install and customize.

☑️ And many more feature ...

What Is The Use Of This Module and Why Should I Use It?

In fact, many companies have been doing an excellent job to make their brand remarkable to the world as Valentino, Versace, Victoria's Secret and so on. And when there are more and more brands have come to the world, each shopper also has the demand to find their own favored one. Hence, to help your shoppers effectively search for their preferred brands as well as promote your store with the advanced features, the amazing Magento 2 Shop By Brand is ready to serve.

Magetop Shop by Brand extension creates a separate searching tool for your shoppers to freely investigate each brand on your website. All brands will be gathered in one page to let your visitors choose from. Moreover, each brand will have its own space which contains the description, logo, and products. It is obvious that your shoppers now can shopping with ease when being able to filter items by brands.

Shop By Brand Main Page

The Shop by Brand extension for Magento 2 is enhanced with the responsive design which allow your shoppers to experience through every size of screens. Besides, store admin can also configure the brand page color, layout, style, languages, etc…


Shop By Brand Detail Page

On this page, customer can see banner, logo, descriptions, products of brand on this page

  • Brand Banner
  • Brand Logo
  • Brand Descriptions
  • Search Brand Input
  • Products List of Brand
  • Sort By Products of Brand
  • Paging Products of Brand
  • 100% Responsive

Show Brand Logo In Product Page

Brand logo will be displayed in product page if the product belongs to the specified brand. Your visitors will definitely be happy when they can effortlessly identify the product brand.


SEO-Friendly Brand Pages

The module also allows you to optimize for SEO. Hence, your brand page will get to the top rank of google page engine.

The brand listing and brand detail pages are optimized for the search engines with the SEO-friendly URL and custom meta tags.


Easy to Use & Customize & Setting

Moreover, it is easy to integrate into your store. Also, it works with all major magento extensions. Powerful setting ...

  • General Settings
  • Brand Info On Product View Page Settings
  • Brand List Page Settings
  • Group Page Settings
  • Brand Block Settings


▶️ Check it out : Magento 2 Shop By Brand Extension by Magetop


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